Personal Investments

Are you looking for the best ways to either save or invest a lump sum for a specific purpose of general savings?

Here at Osborne Financial, our financial planning team possesses the experience, skill sets and contacts you need to make smart decisions with your capital or regular investment. We can help you assess the viability of your current options, mitigating risk and identifying opportunities with strong potential for return.

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Will you have enough money in retirement? Are you currently on course to achieve the lifestyle you want in ‘life after work’? Many people believe that their State Pension will meet their needs, but most people will require additional income sources to live comfortably.

Our financial advisers can help you craft the plan you need to ensure your costs are covered in later life. This includes reviewing your current workplace pension, private pensions, assets and liabilities to gain a clear picture of your present financial situation, and project what this is likely to look like in the future. We can also put strong contingency plans in place, helping to ensure you still have your essentials met regardless of wider circumstances.

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Life Insurance

Death is an unpleasant subject, but it’s important to ask ourselves what would happen to our loved ones if the worst happened to us. If you have children and are the primary earner in your household, how would they continue to meet their necessary financial commitments?

At Osborne Financial, we can help you survey the wide market to find the best life insurance & protection policies for your needs. This might be a term life insurance policy which covers the liability on your mortgage, thus giving your family financial “breathing space” in this scenario. We can help make sure you are not paying above board for your policy, structure them in the most efficient way and that the fine print is airtight.

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Private Healthcare

Of course, healthcare is free in the Isle of Man for residents and UK visitors. However, private health care can ensure more specialist care for you and your family, as well as shorter waiting times. A strong private healthcare insurance policy can help to pay for it.

Here at Osborne Financial, our financial planning team is able to identify opportunities in the wider marketplace, finding the most comprehensive, cost-effective policy to cover you and your family’s needs. We can also ensure this is integrated properly with any existing private healthcare provisions which you might already have, such as via your employer.

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Income Protection

If you suddenly found yourself unable to work due to serious illness or injury, would you still be able to pay the bills? This happens to about 1m people in the UK every year, and whilst many of us think it could not happen to us, it pays to have financial measures in place, in case it does.

At Osborne Financial, our financial planners are determined to help business owners, self-employed professionals and families ensure greater financial security and peace of mind. Our team can help you review your wider protection plan, and ascertain the best income protection policy for your needs (should this be the right option for you).

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Corporate Investments

Business investment carries significant opportunities as well as risks to manage. As a business owner, it pays to have a strong team of advisers around you to help navigate blind spots, maximise efficiencies and exploit opportunities which others may have missed.

An experienced investment adviser and financial planner can be of immense value in this respect. Here at Osborne Financial, our investment management team can assist across the major areas of corporate finance including capital structuring, managing funding sources and mitigating unnecessary tax exposure.

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Business Protection

If a key person in your business suddenly disappeared due to ill health or death, how would your business cope? Would it still be able to march onwards confidently towards its goals, or might your profit margins and overall financial stability be jeopardised?

Key person and shareholder protection can be a crucial tool for helping business owners release the necessary funds required in these urgent, difficult situations. At Osborne Financial, our team can help you identify the right protection plan for your goals, needs and wider business strategy, helping to ensure you find a robust deal which covers a wide range of contingencies.

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Employee Benefits

Are you looking to build, and retain, a high-quality team for your business? Many components form an effective recruitment and retention plan, but one key aspect will be the overall benefits and financial package you offer.

This an area of great competence and specialisation here at Osborne Financial. We can assist with surveying the wider marketplace, to ensure your employee benefits are attractive compared to competitors. We assist with the legwork of finding ideal, cost-effective packages for your staff, such as group personal pension schemes, group life insurance, group healthcare and income protection.

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